About Me

Iri Alexander


I am an artist currently living the Pacific  Northwest. My interests cover a wide variety of influences, experiences, and mediums. As such I consider myself to be a multi-potential artist, and work in a variety of different fields. I am also one of the founders of The Lamplighters, a creative co-working space for artists in the Olympia area.

I endeavor to create dreamlike art, inspired by folktales and urban mythology. As someone who has grown up on the fringe of American culture, who is queer, was raised by Romanian parents and born in Israel, I look to explore the connection between cultures and the disconnects that happen when one’s connection to their culture is frayed. I love playing with color, a love that has grown since I have developed photophobia and have begun to wear glasses that skew or limit my visibility of color. Other influences include herbalism, Bauhaus and brutalist architecture, and Edwardian and retro fashion.

Mediums that I use include writing, painting with oils, watercolor, and digitally, knitting, crocheting, and sewing. I’ve written episodes for my audio drama Jim Robbie and the Wanderers and voice act in the show, as well as numerous other radio dramas. 

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